Hey! My name is Tej Singh and I stayed at Stanford for 2 weeks over the summer.

Let me tell you, using their app was a hair-pulling experience. It turned out that is was the same deal for other prestigious universities across the country.

It became obvious that there was essentially no competition in this field, and so the 3rd party companies who had made these apps had no regard for beautiful design, craftsmanship, elegance, or even basic usability. On top of that, even the basic features weren't implemented efficiently.

Kincola was born out of sheer frustration from using these apps.

So I set out to change that. In late 2015, Chris Wolfram and I  began designing and coding a new app, painstakingly perfecting every detail that companies like Modo Labs and DubLabs had simply overlooked in their haphazard rush to complete one app after the other.

We're so passionate about crafting excellence that we're up at night researching about the latest frameworks and advancements so we incorporate cutting-edge technology.

We've finally crafted an app that combines the best of both design and functionality to provide students the best out there.

We have brought on a team to ensure that, unlike our competitors, we are always updating our features and design standards to the most advanced out there. Simple as that. It's not rocket science.

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